Selected Media Coverage

Our work has been covered widely in both the lay and scientific media. Below are some examples from the last few years.


Medicine students’ work published in international science journal

University of Exeter Medical School News
19 January 2018


Dementia research at Exeter gets £190,000 boost!

University of Exeter News
21st November 2017

Congratulations to the new RSE Cloud Computing Fellows

The Software Sustainability Institute
15th November 2017

More than £1 million to identify genomic changes in schizophrenia

5th October 2017
The University of Exeter – Research News

Pioneering schizophrenia research is happening in Exeter

5th October 2017
Devon Live

Dementia Researchers Raise Thousands For Alzheimer’s Society In Epic Bike Challenge

26th July 2017
The University of Exeter – Staff News

Care and Cure Magazine – Spring 2017: Interpreting Our Genes

18th May 2017
Alzheimer’s Society

Exeter scientist wins prestigious dementia prize

16th March 2017
The University of Exeter – Staff News

Scientist Focus: Katie Lunnon

15th March 2017
Alzheimer’s Research UK


Methylome, sweet methylome

20th October 2016
British Neuroscience Association

Professor Jonathan Mill – Causes and Consequences Of Molecular Variation In The Brain

12th October 2016
The University of Exeter – Youtube

Soapbox Science – Meet Isabel Castanho

8th June 2016
Soapbox Science


Differences between male and female brains.

6th February 2015
The Naked Scientists, BBC Radio

Epigenetics and its role in Alzheimer’s disease

27th May 2015
Alzheimer’s Research Blog

Baby brains undergo dramatic changes in utero.

3rd February 2015
Science News


Dementia research in 2014: looking back at our proudest achievements

22nd December 2014
Alzheimer’s Research UK

Hints of Epigenetic Role in Alzheimer’s Disease

23rd August 2014
New Scientist

Alzheimer’s Brains Mottled with Epigenetic Changes

21st August 2014

University of Exeter in pioneering dementia study

20th August 2014
Exeter Express & Echo


Top 10 Advances in Autism Research in 2013

18th December 2013
Autism Speaks

Twin study shows environment interacts with genes in autism

23rd April 2013

Twin study shows environment interacts with genes in autism

23rd April 2013
The Irish Times

Environment Interacts With Genes In Autism, Twin Study Shows

23rd April 2013
Huffington Post


Linking genes, cerebellums and schizophrenia

21st February 2012
New Scientist


Epigenetic clue to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

30th September 2011
New Scientist

The First 1000 Days: A Legacy for Life

17th, 24th, and 31st August 2011
BBC Radio 4



8th December 2010
BBC Radio 4 Frontiers

Genes marked by stress make grandchildren mentally ill

3rd November 2010
New Scientist

Don’t blame your genes…change them!

30th March 2010
Daily Mail


How your behaviour can change your children’s DNA

20th July 2008
Sunday Times

Rewriting Darwin: The New Non-Genetic Inheritance

9th July 2008
New Scientist

Scientists solve a psychiatric mystery

12th March 2008
Toronto Globe & Mail