Anthony Klokkaris

Anthony is a PhD student at the University of Exeter, under the supervision of Dr Anna Migdalska-Richards, Professor Jonathan Mill and Professor Nigel Williams (Cardiff University). Prior to this, he completed his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science (2019) and Masters in Translational Neuroscience (2020) at the U niversity of Sheffield. During this time, he became particularly interested in neurodegenerative diseases, investigating mitochondrial dysfunction and mitophagy in Parkinson’s disease for his MSc project.
Anthony was awarded a GW4 BioMed MRC DTP studentship in 2020 with his project focusing on the role of epigenetics in Parkinson’s disease. In particular, he will be investigating DNA methylation in both neuronal and non-neuronal cell types from the brains of Parkinson’s individuals. The hope is that this will shed new insights into the causes and mechanisms of the disease with the ultimate aim of uncovering potential therapeutic targets.