Current Members

<a href="/jonathan-mill/">Jonathan Mill</a>

Jonathan Mill

Group Leader
<a href="/katie-lunnon/">Katie Lunnon</a>

Katie Lunnon

Associate Professor
<a href="/emma-dempster/">Emma Dempster</a>

Emma Dempster

Senior Lecturer
<a href="/anna-migdalska-richards/">Anna Migdalska-Richards</a>

Anna Migdalska-Richards

<a href="/eilis-hannon/">Eilis Hannon</a>

Eilis Hannon

Senior Research Fellow - Bioinformatics
<a href="/rebecca-smith/">Rebecca Smith</a>

Rebecca Smith

<a href="/nicholas-clifton/">Nicholas Clifton</a>

Nicholas Clifton

Senior Research Fellow

Research Fellows

<a href="/adam-smith-2/">Adam Smith</a>

Adam Smith

Research Fellow
<a href="/barry-chioza/">Barry Chioza</a>

Barry Chioza

Research Fellow
<a href="jonathan-davies/">Jonathan Davies</a>

Jonathan Davies

Research Fellow
<a href="gina-commin/">Gina Commin</a>

Gina Commin

Research Fellow
<a href="darren-soanes/">Darren Soanes</a>

Darren Soanes

Research Fellow
<a href="/gemma-shireby/">Gemma Shireby</a>

Gemma Shireby

Research Fellow
<a href="/jennifer-imm/">Jennifer Imm</a>

Jennifer Imm

Research Fellow
<a href="/joe-burrage/">Joe Burrage</a>

Joe Burrage

Research Fellow / Manager
<a href="/rosie-bamford/">Rosie Bamford</a>

Rosie Bamford

Research Fellow
<a href="/morteza-kouhsar/">Morteza Kouhsar</a>

Morteza Kouhsar

Research Fellow
<a href="/leung-szi-kay/">Szi Kay Leung</a>

Szi Kay Leung

Research Fellow

PhD Students

<a href="/dorothea-seiler-vellame/">Dorothea Seiler Vellame</a>

Dorothea Seiler Vellame

PhD Student
<a href="/greg-wheildon/">Greg Wheildon</a>

Greg Wheildon

PhD Student
<a href="/michael-schrauben/">Michael Schrauben</a>

Michael Schrauben

PhD Student
<a href="/joshua-harvey/">Joshua Harvey</a>

Joshua Harvey

PhD Student
<a href="Lachlan-MacBean/">Lachlan MacBean</a>

Lachlan MacBean

PhD student
<a href="/ailsa-maccalman/">Ailsa MacCalman</a>

Ailsa MacCalman

PhD Student
<a href="/tom-hewat/">Tom Hewat</a>

Tom Hewat

PhD Student
<a href="/simeng-lin/">Simeng Lin</a>

Simeng Lin

PhD Student
<a href="/anthony-klokkaris/">Anthony Klokkaris</a>

Anthony Klokkaris

PhD Student
<a href="/emma-walker/">Emma Walker</a>

Emma Walker

PhD student
<a href="/giulia-pegoraro/">Giulia Pegoraro</a>

Giulia Pegoraro

PhD Student

Research Analysts and Technicians

<a href="/alice-franklin/">Alice Franklin</a>

Alice Franklin

Research Analyst
<a href="/luke-weymouth/">Luke Weymouth</a>

Luke Weymouth

Research Technician
<a href="/jessica-shields/">Jessica Shields</a>

Jessica Shields

Graduate Research Assistant
<a href="/ellie-hendy/">Ellie Hendy</a>

Ellie Hendy

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Professional Training Year Students

<a href="katie-curtis/">Katie Curtis</a>

Katie Curtis

Medical Sciences PTY Student
<a href="windhy-cahyadi/">Windhy Cahyadi</a>

Windhy Cahyadi

Medical Sciences PTY Student

Affiliated Members

<a href="/byron-creese/">Byron Creese</a>

Byron Creese

Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter
<a href="/aaron-jeffries/">Aaron Jeffries</a>

Aaron Jeffries

Head of Sequencing, University of Exeter
<a href="/asami-oguro-ando/">Asami Oguro-Ando</a>

Asami Oguro-Ando

<a href="chloe-wong/">Chloe Wong</a>

Chloe Wong

Senior Lecturer, UCL
<a href="ehsan-pishva/">Ehsan Pishva</a>

Ehsan Pishva

Lecturer, Maasstricht University