Aaron Jeffries

Aaron JeffriesResearch Fellow
University of Exeter & King’s College London

A.R.Jeffries@exeter.ac.uk / Aaron.R.Jeffries@kcl.ac.uk
+44(0)1392-406754 (Exeter)

Aaron Jeffries is a Research Fellow working at the University of Exeter Medical school and King’s College London. Aaron studied obtained an Honours degree in Genetics from Cardiff University and completed his PhD in King’s College London in 2004. Aaron’s PhD involved mapping and sequencing of t(6;11) translocation associated with schizophrenia like psychosis in a three generation pedigree, leading to the identification of a potential candidate gene explaining the psychosis and the winning publication for the Lilly Molecular Psychiatry award 2003. He also undertook the largest genotype/phenotype study of ring chromosome 22 to date. Aaron joined a developmental neurobiology group at King’s College London in 2005. While his initial work was around signaling pathways, he moved into studying allele specific heterogeneity observed in clonal cells, known as Random Monoallelic Expression. Working with clonal stem cells, and later epigenetic reprogramming techniques, he has furthered this work using stem cells as model systems. Aaron joined the Complex Disease Epigenetics group in January 2014 to further his research in single cell heterogeneity and its relation to disease. He was awarded a prestigious 2014 NARSAD Young Investigator Award ($65,000) by the Brain and Behaviour Research Foundation (USA) to carry out such a study.