Yasaman graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a BSc (Hons) degree in Biochemistry in 2011 before undertaking an MSc in Biomedicine at the same university in 2012. Yasaman then started her PhD in Neuroscience at the university of Dundee in 2013 with Dr Jenni Harvey and Dr Andrew Irving, investigating the neuroprotective effects of leptin mimetic agents in cellular models of AD. After completion of her PhD in 2017, Yasaman undertook a Postdoctoral Research Associate position at the University of Exeter College of Medicine and Health, assessing the effects of an orally active brain permeable AMPK activator on counterregulation following acute and recurrent hypoglycaemia in-vivo at Dr Craig Beall’s group. As Yasaman’s main research interests lie in the field of Neuroscience, she started her second postdoctoral role at the University of Exeter School of Medicine and Health within Complex Disease Epigenetics Group in June 2018 where she is currently working with Dr Byron Creese and Dr Aaron Jeffries generating gene expression profiles for compounds with antipsychotic action that are in various stages of clinical development and are relevant to the treatment of neuropsychiatric symptoms in AD.