Joe Burrage

Joe BurrageResearch Technician/Manager
+44 (0) 1392 408223

Joe graduated with a degree in Genetics from the University of Leicester in 2008. During this period he also undertook a 12 month industrial placement with AstraZeneca’s genetic support unit at Alderley Edge to develop DNA methylation analysis procedures. He followed this with a PhD at the University of Edinburgh, Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology under the supervision of Dr Irina Stancheva. During his PhD Joe investigated the somatic cell functions of chromatin remodelling ATPase LSH. His epigenetic research interests were diverted when he revealed a novel role for LSH in DNA damage repair, work which was published in the Journal of Cell Biology in 2012. During his PhD Joe also participated in a number of industrial placements with CellCentric working on a range of projects including the organisation of the 25 Years of Epigenetics conference at the University of Cambridge. Joe has now returned to Epigenetic research as a research technician to support the work of Professor Jonathan Mill’s epigenetic research group at the University of Exeter.