Stefania Policicchio

Research Fellow

Stefania joined the group in 2016 to undertake her PhD under the supervision of Dr Therese Murphy, Dr Emma Dempster and Professor Jonathan Mill. During her PhD she investigated the epigenetic changes (DNA methylation and miRNA expression) associated with suicidal behaviour in post-mortem human brain and she developed a flow cytometry based protocol to characterise cell-type specific genomic variation occurring in highly heterogeneous tissue like the brain. Whilst completing her PhD thesis, she has continued in the group as a research assistant working in the University Sequencing Service operating long-read sequencing platforms. Most recently, in 2021, Stefania has started working as Research Fellow on a new project investigating the genomic regulation in rodent models of amyloid and tau neuropathology with the ultimate goal of identifying novel pathways involved in the development of AD-associated neuropathology in the human brain.