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Jennifer Imm

Research Fellow +44(0)1392-406764 Jennifer joined the group in 2015 to undertake her PhD under the supervision of Professor Katie Lunnon. During her PhD she characterised the epigenetic changes that occur in iPSC-neuronal and microglial models when they are exposed to AD-relevant exposures, such as differentiation and maturation, drug treatment and immune challenge. Since completing her […]

Sarah Marzi

Postdoctoral Researcher Queen Mary University of London Sarah completed her PhD in the Complex Disease Epigenetics group under the supervision of Jonathan Mill, Leonard Schalkwyk and Chloe Wong in 2017, studying epigenetic correlates of neuropsychiatric health and disease. She has since joined Vardhman Rakyan’s lab at the Blizard Institute, Queen Mary University of London and […]

Adam Smith

PhD Student as541@exeter.ac.uk +44(0)1392-408162 Functional characterization of ANK1, a novel gene implicated in Alzheimer’s disease Adam Smith is a PhD student at the University of Exeter Medical School, under the supervision of Dr Katie Lunnon and Professor Jonathan Mill. He graduated with a degree in Medical Science from Exeter University in 2014, where he had […]

Twin birth cohort recruits its first participants

The first set of twins who will be part of the new Peninsula Pre/Perinatal Twins Research Bank (PTRB) have been born. The PTRB has been established to enable us to study how growth in the womb can influence health and disease across the life-course. For more information, go to the PTRB page.

Helen Spiers

PhD Student King’s College London Helen.H.Spiers@kcl.ac.uk +44 (0) 20 7848 0748 Helen Spiers is a final year PhD student at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience’s MRC Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry Centre, King’s College London. The focus of Helen’s PhD has been to characterize life-course epigenetic dynamics across multiple tissue types, with a […]

Joana Viana

Research Fellow University of Exeter Medical School / University of Exeter School of Biosciences j.viana@exeter.ac.uk +44(0)1392-408162 Joana graduated in Cell and Molecular Biology at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, in 2011. She completed an MSc in Neuroscience at King’s College London in 2012. During this period, she developed a research project under the supervision […]

Student led Alzheimer’s project grants get seal of approval.

Pilot research awards have been awarded to PhD researchers Matt and Adam respectively by the recently established Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK) Southwest Network. Both studies aim to improve our current understanding of the dynamic epigenetic landscape and its association with the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s pathology. Matt’s grant will focus on the expression of […]

Baocong Xia

PhD Student baocong.xia@kcl.ac.uk +44 (0)20 7848 0629 MRC Social, Genetic & Developmental Psychiatry Centre/ MRC Centre for Developmental Neurobiology Baocong graduated with a BSc in Neuroscience from King’s College London in 2013, before undertaking a Master’s degree in Neuroimaging at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) where he investigated the test/retest reliability of […]