Pacific Biosciences sequencer delivered!

deliveryOur Pacific Biosciences RSII sequencer was delivered today. This was funded by a MRC Clinical Research Infrastructure Award. It was quite a big box! We can’t wait to get going on long-read sequencing and exploring the possibilities for human clinical genomics.

Our paper on DNA methylation trajectories across human brain development published in Genome Research


CoverOur study tracking changes in DNA methylation across human brain development has been published today in Genome Research. The study was led by PhD student Helen Spiers, and examined genome-wide patterns of DNA methylation in 179 human fetal brain samples (100 male, 79 female) spanning 23 to 184 days post-conception. In addition, we have developed a searchable online database where other researchers can browse developmental trajectories for their gene of interest. Helen, who is also a talented artist, not only led the study but also produced the cover-art for the current issue of Genome Research with an illustration to accompany her article.