Congratulations to the new RSE Cloud Computing Fellows

SSI -“Research Software Engineers drive advances in how research can be done more effectively using all manner of software, computing systems and infrastructure. As a community, RSEs drive positive change to progress the state-of-the-art to do better, faster, and more reproducible research. It’s clear that cloud computing is playing an increasingly important role in research, so Microsoft is privileged to be able to support the RSE community, and researchers across the world, to exploit cloud computing across all domains through our Azure for Research program.

We were delighted to see so many high-quality applications to the RSE Cloud Computing Awards call, and so have decided to give all applicants access to Microsoft Azure to pursue the wide-range of exciting activities proposed. We particularly congratulate the successful awardees from across the UK, who can now pursue their plans for training, workshops, community software development, and cutting-edge research using Microsoft Azure.”


Find out more about the Cloud Computing Awards or about the Awardees, including our own Eilis Hannon!


“Eilis had a particular focus on schizophrenia and other neuropsychiatric disorders and therefore is interested in the dynamic nature of gene expression and epigenetic variation during human brain development. As strong advocates of open access research, the group routinely share these data through online tools enabling other researchers to explore and visualise specific genes or genomic locations relevant for their work. As the complexity and quantity of data increases, this Cloud Computing award will enable Eilis to develop more advanced tools, increasing the utility of these to the wider genomics community.”