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New paper highlights how DNA hydroxymethylation in the human brain change during development.

Previous work from our group described dynamic changes in DNA methylation (5mC) occurring during human fetal brain development. Other epigenetic processes operating during this period have not been extensively explored – of particular interest is DNA hydroxymethylation (5hmC), a modification that we have found to be enriched in the human brain, and which is hypothesized […]

Clare Davis

Clare Davis is a third year BSc Medical Sciences (Neuroscience) student at the University of Exeter. She is now currently on her Professional Training Year, where she will be assisting with Dr. Asami Ogoro-Ando and Dr. John Chilton’s research. Her project is titled “Defining the molecular actions of JAKMIP1, a neuronal translation regulator, identified as […]

Madie Eve

Madie Eve has just completed her second year at the University of Exeter studying Medical Sciences. She is hoping to use this year of research to understand more about the neuropathology associated with Autism in Dr Asami Oguro-Ando’s laboratory as a PTY student.

Hedley Baulf

Hedley Baulf is a 3rd Year BSc Medical Sciences student at the University of Exeter, studying all modules relevant to a specialisation in Human Genomics. He is currently undertaking his professional training year under the supervision of Professor Jonathan Mill in a project titled ‘The Epigenetic Basis of Human Disease’.